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Is 2018 your time to get fit?

So many people start off the year with the plan to get fitter and healthier. There are 2 ways you can get fitter at Fitness with Ceza and that's with Burlexercise and Pilates. 


This is a medium-high intensity fitness class designed specifically for an all over body workout. Our classes take you on a physical journey, burning calories, toning and tightening all those problem areas from top to bottom (whilst incorporating token showgirl elements). The perfect addition to Pilates and a great way to add some cardio to your workout. The video below gives you an idea of what to expect. 

Timetable Burlexercise


"What’s even more brilliant is that it didn’t feel like exercise. Despite the sweating, puffing and panting I felt energised with a sense of accomplishment. I can really see how such a class, if done on a regular basis, could make any woman feel sexy, confident and beautiful despite her size. Burlesque is an art and burlexercise brings out the artist in you." Read the full review here 


Sabi Phagura a.k.a. Fit Lass 


Christine Gregory

"Really enjoyed your burlesque fitness classes when you were in London, shame you moved to Glasgow!! Found the classes sexy, fun and empowering. A great way to keep in shape and improve your fitness levels!"


Pilates is an exercise for the body and mind. The foundation of Pilates exercises is core strength. These are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. Strong core muscles stabilise the spine, which helps with back and neck pain, and a strong core can help with many other physical exercises.  

Pilates improves flexibility, circulation, posture, and movement. It tones and strengthens your muscles and your joints will be looser and more supple. It makes you more aware of your body and how you move.

Pilates timetable


"Just had my first class with Ceza in PureGym Stirling! Coming into my first class with a hip injury probably wasn't the best idea but Ceza made me welcome and showed me variants where my hip just wasn't up to it. Needless to say booked up for next week on the way out to the car! Thanks xx"


Susan Thurlow

Client Ingrid Testimonial

Ingrid Rutherford

"Ceza has been leading our pilates class, over the summer, in Glasgow Caledonian University's Arc gym - and she's a fantastic instructor! You really feel she is paying close attention to everyone in the group, and is providing exceptional support for us. Thanks!"

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