Free Webinar - 3 Ways to feel more body confident
3 Ways to feel More Body Confident

Free Webinar reveals....

3 Ways To Feel More Body Confident!

How you feel about your body has nothing to do with how it looks! In this webinar we will discuss 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to feel more confident about your body.  

Get access to all of my tips and start feeling great about your body. 



✓ Why moving your body will help with body confidence.

✓ How fitness affects your hormones.

✓ What are you saying to yourself that is affecting how you feel. 

✓ How your body langauge is affecting how you feel. 

✓ Exercises to implement straight away.  

About Your Presenter...

Ceza Ouzounian is a Fitness & Energy Coach, who is passionate about enabling women to be more confident in who they are. She is one of the founding 16 EAM Mentors worldwide for the Energy Alignment Method.  

She is an international Health and Fitness Mentor, who has had more than 1,000+ people through her Pilates and Burlexercise class in the last 4 years.  

Ceza has spoken at national networking groups, featured in Global Woman magazine, had articles published in leading sports and fitness blogs and appeared on numerous blogs.  

She has been in films featured at international film festivals and been on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  

Ceza has raised £2100 for several charities, including Scottish Sports Future, WellFound, Funding Neuro, Arbonne Charitable Foundation, Marie Curie Cancer Care and Sports Relief.  

Ceza is on a mission to touch the lives of millions of women to create a world where women feel comfortable to be who they are without judgement and prejudice and can live an authentic and true life.  

Ceza Ouzounian

What others had to say...

Testimonial from Annamarie

"I watched your webinar and really enjoyed it. I realised that I had been very hard on myself for not being able to lose weight. Also I'd look at my scars, mastectomy and transplant and think they were very ugly. Now after following your advice to find something positive about them, I'm thinking that I'm a survivor and I'll keep fighting to keep going no matter what happens. And each time I look in the mirror, I'll think of your advice. Thank you" Annamarie 

Dijana Testimonial

"I can't recommend enough Ceza and EAM mentoring. She is a person you can easily trust, who guides you and you feel she has knowledge, compassion, and skills to help you overcome the emotional state that is not serving you. Thank you so much again" Dijana